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Parks & Recreation

General Park Information

Shelley hosts four beautiful and very functional city parks:

Shelley City Park is located between Highway 91 and the 200 block of North Park Ave.
This Park has four baseball diamonds, two shelters with picnic table, a basketball court, and newly updated playground equipment.

Brinkman Park is located across from the Shelley High School on the corner of East Fir and Hansen Avenue.
This park has a newly built skatepark, tennis courts, a handball court, a basketball court, one shelter with picnic tables. No scooters or bicycles are allowed on the skatepark. Citations are issued to violators.

David B. Bleak Memorial Park is located on Byron Street and has new playground equipment

Pillsbury Park is located next to the Shelley Swimming Pool at 440 S. Milton. This park has one small shelter on the upper level of the park, and two larger shelters with tables to accommodate large groups on the lower level. There is a basketball court and several pieces of playground equipment. While visiting this park you can take advantage of our outdoor heated pool that is open from approximately June 1st through September 1st.

With advance notice our city pool and shelter are available for reservations. If you plan a family reunion or any large group activity and may need a shelter please call (208) 357-3390.

Within five miles of Shelley are located two other parks with access to boating and fishing activities:

Gem Lake Dam is located three miles north of Shelley on the Snake River. This park offers water skiing, fishing, and shelter for picnicking.

Bingham County North Park is located two miles west of Shelley on the banks of the Snake River. This park offers boating and fishing access. This park host RV parking with hookups, picnic shelters, and tables. It has an enclosed playground, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, and open grassy areas to be used for various games. Also, next to this park is the Red Baron RC Model Airplane Flyers air strip. Several times during the year, members from all over gather compete.

For those who love taking leisurely strolls, a nature trail connects the City of Shelley to the Bingham County Park. The trail consists of two miles of paved sidewalk that follows the banks of the beautiful Snake River. Walkers, joggers, and rollerbladers frequent this path.

Many recreational programs are offered throughout the year to keep both adults and youth busy. The list includes:

Swimming lessons, Grid Kid football, flag football, Jazz basketball, girl's softball, boy's baseball, T-Ball, Adult Co-Ed softball, Teen Co-Ed softball, volleyball, AYSO soccer, and wrestling. Hunter's Education courses are also offered throughout the year by trained instructors.


Recreation Yearly Schedule

  • October: Jr. Jazz Basketball Signups
  • November / December: Jr. Jazz Basketball Practices
  • January: Jr. Jazz Basketball Games on Saturday/ Weekday Practices
  • February: Jr. Jazz Basketball Games on Saturday/ Weekday Practices
  • March: Soccer Signups
  • April: Soccer draft and practices / Baseball Signups
  • May: Soccer Games/ Baseball draft and practices
  • June: Baseball Games/ 2nd round of Soccer Signups
  • July: 2nd round of Soccer practices/ Flag football Signups
  • August: 2nd round Soccer Games/ Flag football draft and practices
  • September: Flag football Games

(Pool Opens Memorial Day / Closes Labor Day)



For All Sports-Related Inquiries

Contact Mikel Anderson

Fill out the form here, or use the contact information listed.

Phone: (208) 681-3390

Fax: (208) 357-3998

Email: [email protected]

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Skate Park

The Skate Park is open year round from dawn to dusk.

No Bicycles are allowed on the Skate Park. This ordinance will be strictly enforced and all violators will be cited.

Shelley Swimming Pool

The Shelley Pool is open from approximately the end of May through the first of September depending on weather conditions. The pool staff provides swimming lessons during the morning hours and the pool is open for public swim during the afternoon.

The Mayor and City Council would like to recognize the pool staff for their dedication and hard work. To be a lifeguard takes great responsibility and the city takes pride in our pool staff.

With advance notice our city pool and shelter are available for reservations . If you wish to make a pool reservation please call the pool at 357-7207. If you plan a family reunion or any large group activity and may need a shelter please call (208) 357-3390. Click below to find more information regarding Pool Hours, Fees, and Swimming Lesson Schedules.

Phone: (208) 357-7207

Any Questions Please Call Mikel Anderson at (208) 681-3390

Memorial Bench and Tree Program



Plant the Future, Remember the Past

Donating a tree or bench to a city park through the Memorial Tree & Bench program offers participants
a unique way to honor a loved one, or a special occasion. Parks and Recreation Department will plant
the tree or install a bench in the city park with the plaque containing the name of the honored person or event.

How the Tree Program Works

City of Shelley is responsible for buying the tree
and picking it up from the nursery. Tree should be
approximately 2.5-3.0 in diameter and 5 – 6 feet REMEMBRANCE BRENCHES
tall. $480.00 each. How the Bench Program Works

A suitable species for planting as memorials: The benches are provided by the City. Benches
• Spring Snow Crabapple are 6 feet long. $840.00 each.
• Royal Red Maple
• Bur Oak
• Emerald Queen Maple Plaque size must be 4x9 in metal or bronze and
• Other species as approved by Council the responsibility of the individual purchasing the
plaque. The plaque can be purchased from Jim’s
Orders received between: Trophy Room. Upon receiving the plaque, please
• January 1 and June 30 will be planted/installed take it to City Hall office at 101 S Emerson Avenue.
between September 15 and October 15.
• July 1 and December 31 will be planted/installed
between April 1 and April 30.

*Note: Planting/installing schedules may be affected by weather and the availability of plant/bench material.

*Plaques can be purchased and given to the Parks Department for placement with the tree or bench. Please
See * under remembrance benches for specifications.

*The exact location of a tree/bench is at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Department, (however your
preferred park will be considered).

*Please bring payment to 101 S Emerson Avenue with the completed application.